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1. How soon will I/my child be fluent?

The answer to this question can be different for every person.  Being fluent in a second language is a lifelong commitment.  Learning a new language is a skill that requires time, practice, and commitment.  Your chances in becoming comfortable and conversational increase greatly with more exposure.

2. What can I do to increase fluency?

Increase your exposure to the Spanish language.  You can increase exposure by listening to music in Spanish, watching shows/movies in Spanish, reading books in Spanish, make new friends who speak Spanish, and ask your friends who speak Spanish to speak to you in Spanish.  When reading books in Spanish check for understanding. For example: “El perro es negro.” You can ask yourself “What does ‘el’ mean, what does ‘perro’ mean, what does ‘negro’ mean?” Repetition is key.  Replace  words you use at home with the Spanish translation. Study. Practice. Repeat. 

3. Do you offer tutoring?

I do offer tutoring as a service with Uno Dos Tres Learn Spanish, but my focus is small group and semi-private classes. Currently all private classes are full.

4. What happens if a class is cancelled due to the weather or the instructor has an emergency?

Snow or Bad Weather: In the case that one of the classes will need to be cancelled due to bad weather and the local school district (LSR7 has cancelled school) you will be notified by email and sent instructions for a ZOOM class day.

Instructor Emergency/Illness: If there is a reason why class needs to be cancelled such as an illness, death in the family, or emergency you will be given notice at least 2 hours prior to class beginning. You will be given a list of optional and appropriate classes they may join in this case.

(No class days) Fall Break: 10.20.24-10.26.24 Winter Break: 12.22.23-01.03.25
Spring Break: 04.06.25-04.12.25 Spanish class will still be held on MLK Jr. Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, and President’s Day. There is no class on Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. If your class fall on one of these days you will be given a list of optional class times for that week to choose from.

5. What is your goal?

      • As the owner/operator of Uno Dos Tres Learn Spanish is to open the minds of my students to the world of the Spanish language. 

      • I hope to facilitate the conversational ability and fluency of those who attend my courses.

      • Long term my goal is to close the language barrier between the English and Spanish speaking populations to allow for better communication in our community.

6. Are you a native Spanish speaker?

The short answer is no, I am not a native Spanish speaker.  My first language was English.  The long answer is I started picking up Spanish at a young age, but did not start getting serious about learning until high school.  I attending high school in Rancho Cucamonga, California and I had an amazing teacher who’s teaching style led me to enjoy Spanish a lot and learn very quickly.  As I got older I started making friends who did not speak much, if any English and I continued to take Spanish classes in college.  I eventually went to JCCC and completed the HCI (Health Care Interpreting) certificate program, which is an 18 month program that includes interpreting in some of the biggest hospitals in the KC area.

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